Tailgate Rust

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Nov 18, 2006
Twin Cities
What would you do? This is the PS inside bottom of the tailgate -1997 LX450. Rust does not show on the outside - yet.
IMO- Deal with it now or spend more time and money later. Sand it down, remove the body sealant they use in the factory. Coat it in POR 15 and then pain it. This usually happens when the drain holes are clogged. You might want ot look into making them better or bigger.
This is what I would do....

Grind with a wire wheel all the sealant and paint off.

Grind the spot welds out.

Take a large pry bar or screwdriver and bent the bottom seam up vertical. Take a small sand blaster and blast with recycled glass till clean.

Tape off all areas you do not want blasted. Then paint it all with POR 15.

Pound the seams back down.

Seal it up.

Paint the bottom with spray on rhino liner and then open the tail gate and spray some corrosion proofing oil in there to soak in the seams on both sides.

I did this on all my 60 series doors. It was a big job..... but piece of mind for sure.
Do you have any pictures of the doors while you were doing this. I am in the same boat and loking into different options.

Ok here is a picture of the tailgate after I sandblasted then did the POR-15 thing to whole [part.

Notice how I bent the seam up. First I had to grind the spot weld then use a chisel to start the bend up. Then I was able to use a large screwdriver(or pry bar) to bent the rest up.

After than I took some big pliers and squeezed it flat and nice. Well sort of. After I painted the POR-15 on both sides and inside the gate under the inner skin I pounded the seam back down with a ballpeen hammer and then worked it flat.

Unfortunately I did get some ripples in the outer skin. So I had to use a slight amount of filler over it to get a smooth appearance. But it was only a little.
In the picture I had already started to flatten the seam back down. I had it 90 degrees up before.
Here are two door with the seam open, sandblasted. Already been metal ready cleaned and awaiting POR-15.

I had the doors quite sandblasted rough. The POR will stick for a long time.
ready for POR.jpg
ready for por 2.jpg
I decided to get a new Tail Gate at a Yard.

$50.00 bucks. Just needs to be repainted.

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