Tail light year to year question.

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Sep 25, 2012
Looking at getting some new OEM taillights for my 77 fj40. After contacting my local Toyota dealer I see that only the right side tail light assembly is still available. Seems as though the 79+ assembly's are both still available. Other than the electrical connector. Is their any difference in mounting or size?
As I suspected, thanks for the responses. And it seems I'll be giving curt a call in a week or so.
Note: if you are detail-oriented, the later tail lamps have a ground wire factored into their "water-resistant" connector; the earlier lamps ground thru their installation. All the variations can be made to work in early or late installations. Also the very latest of them have inner chromed shaped-reflectors to cast/focus more light. Lenses have a tiny cutout at the bottom for drainage of condensation, along with a tiny "sponge" which clamps into the bottom of the housing, which technically makes the housings and the lenses "handed."

Perhaps more info than you sought, but illustrates that the engineers were continually making upgrades and revisions, and thus different part numbers for what is essentially "the same".
I was originally looking into going with the year appropriate lamp, however after further inspection of my own lamps, the lamp wiring has been hacked into and the original connectors cut off. So at this point im thinking im going to get the newer style 79+? Like i mentioned about, i'll be giving Kurt a call and seeing what all he can help me with. I'd like to put a factory connector back on the vehicle, but if need be i'll just find some weather pack style connectors and slice them in.

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