T-Case removal help!!

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Jun 8, 2016
As the title states, needing a little help removing my T-case. No matter what I do I can't get it to budge. Have all 6 mounting bolts removed, linkage disconnected, speedo cable off, and most electrical plugs that I can get to disconnected and both driveshafts completely out. So I'm at a loss and what to do?

If anyone is in Colorado Springs area that might be able to help, I can certainly use it. Or any other advice to get this damn thing out!! Thanks in advance
Make sure it and the trans are in neutral. You have the crossmember loose? Whack it more, use a plastic dead blow hammer. Also shift it clock-wise and counter clock-wise in relarion to the trans.

Im in Parker, and just did my TCase. If you cant get it before this weekend, send me a PM. I could probably head down on Saturday.
you could also try a plastic chisel, or even a real chisel. Just dont mar the aluminum. Altho that is not a sealing surface, a couple scratches between the trans and TCase wont be the end of the world.
I had to get a bar and pry mine apart from the transmission. The dowels were stuck pretty well. Sorry, can't remember which surfaces I used.

Also leave one or two bolts in their holes, but loosely. It is unlikely you do anything that shoves it off all the way to clear the output/input shafts, but one you clear the dowels it can rotate downward and this probably isn't good for anything.
Does the exhaust need to be moved? Doesn't look like it will clear with it in place.
I drive a 94 with the over-frame exhaust and the original case cleared with no issues.. when I put the 97 case in there was slight interference. There is a boss added to the 97 case for a vibration damper that had issues with where the over-frame exhaust wrapped around. I still got the case in even with it hitting during install.. and cut off the offending boss at a later time.

Either way.. on early over-frame exhaust anyway, it will clear.

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