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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
Where is a good place to get a good but affordable sythetic winch line??
My XRC10 winch should be arriving tomorrow and with in a few months I plan on replacing the line but money is very very tight right now.
Any ideas?
Sep 17, 2003
Sunnyvale, CA

I've bought rope from them, no issues or problems.

I've also bought rope and extension rope on ebay and there's some bargains to be had sometimes.

Note - if looking at Samson rope, there is Amsteel and then there's Amsteel Blue - be careful with the wording in some ads - the Amsteel Blue is the higher rated product (higher working load versus rope diameter). The plain Amsteel will do fine - but you need to go up a step in diameter to match the same working load as the Amsteel Blue.

The Amsteel on Ebay (couple of sellers that are in the same town as Samson ropes) can be quite inexpensive - good for winch extension where you don't mind having to go up a bit in diameter since you aren't losing drum storing length on the winch. It is very light compared to wire rope, so not a big deal weight/storage wise.


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