Suspension sway

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Jun 13, 2006
Drove my cruiser for the first time in a while and I notice that truck really dips on turns. My daughter has been driving it for the last few months but failed to tell me how bad it sways. It's not a bouncy ride but it does sway bad. I don't find it safe for especcially if she needs to make a emergency manuever. The shocks are not that old and do not show signs of leakage. My thoughts were that the sprigns have worn out, which does sound wierd. I looked at the bushings and they look good. Any thoughts? I would like to keep it from swaying. I know it is a truck but the sway is really bad even for a cruiser. Please help.
How old are the sway bar bushings?
Has any of the suspension bushings ever been replaced?
How many miles on the truck?
Offhand, the general rule is, the greater the lift the thicker the spring wire, to reduce sway. Another way of describing it is that the high lift needs a stiffer spring and stiffer shocks not because of a heavier load but for the sake of reducing sway.

Do a good guess and you get a ride pretty close to normal though it will never be as stable around a curve as a lower ride. You're just less likely to make your passengers seasick.

The truck has 250k miles with no lift and 33 bfg all terrain. Stock replacement shocks and the bushings are still the original but look in good shape. Was thinking about going with bilstiens since it does more highway use and light trail riding.
I think you need to replace some stuff
Sway bar bushing perhaps more and maybe even the springs if they are original
I would go with a stock height aftermarket spring it should stiffen it up alittle better for you, and different shocks will definitly help
I had a similar problem with my 1997 and put on Bilstien shocks, even though the stock ones were not leaking. It made a big difference, especially with quick moves of the wheel. Also, make sure your tire pressure is correct or a little higher than specified
The OEM Tokico shocks are fine if you're close to stock weight up front. I'm still running them on the rear, but needed to go with OME shocks up front due to carrying around the ARB, etc.

I'm with the guys who think you're coils are dust. I had 100,000 miles less on my factory coils. The OME stock height coils did wonders. Easy-peasy to install and at stock height, if the shocks are good, no need to replace the shocks.
X3.........Springs!!They are 20yrs old and they are know to start getting soft and sag!
Roger that. Would like to keep cost low. What would be the best place to look for good springs?
MUD Classifieds would be the first place if you're looking for a deal. But even brand new, the cost for coils only should be under $400 including shipping. Lots of vendors to choose from on this, so Google and Amazon could be your friends here.

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