Stuffed 38" Bogger!

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Nov 5, 2006
Anchorage, 10 mins. from Alaska
This is what I did to stuff a 38x15.5-16 bogger (allow as much compression/uptravel as possible). Speaking of the rear suspension of the 80 as the front suspension just doesn't stuff.

6" Slee heavy coil springs
MAF 1" coil spring spacers
2" longer than OME L shocks from Slee w/ upper mounting conversion included.
1" body lift
Cut 1" from fender wells (not the door but behind the door) and welded inner and outer fenderwell back together.
Trimmed the OEM flares (and now these fiberglass flares).
Cut 2" back on the 4X4 labs rear bumper.
MAF 4" bumpstop extensions.
Removed anti-sway bar.

I think that's it! So it takes about 9" of lift/additional clearance.
That is one badass rig!!!!
Where did you get those flares? Way cool...
Im guessing eBay @ around 6-800 bones...
So where'd you get those tyres? :flipoff2:
how many pieces of flare are you wearing?
I was begining to wonder if either of the two "mystery" buyers would ever post pics of them installed. They look good and so does the truck. Any shots of it sitting level?
That is one sweet looking truck, however, I think thoes flares look horrible. Can't friken stand them. Thats just my opinion, which counts for squat. Even with that, your ride looks so awesome.

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