Stock amp meter question??

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Feb 15, 2006
Redding, CA
I have 71 with stock everything. Replaced the alternator on the advice from a mechanic that said it was not putting out enough amperage. Thought maybe that was why when my turn signal is on my amp meter jumps in unison to the turn signal. Is something faulty or is this a common quirk?
Had the same problem with my '76. I replaced the alt because it sure looked original. It didn't have much impact on the bouncing needle so I replaced the regulator. Now my ammeter is as solid as a rock. The new regulator is solid state instead of the old original point style.
My 75 does it. Lights also get brighter when the engine revs up. Amp gauge rocks to the beat of the blinker. I think it's just an old vehicle electrical thing.
mikealeus said:
Is something faulty or is this a common quirk?

It is normal. The stock alternator doesn't put out enough current at idle to keep up with the demand.
Solid State ammeter. Where can I get one?
There is nothing wrong with that bouncing. It just means the ammeter is sensative to small changes in current. Why wouldn't you want that?

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