sticky front caliper

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Feb 13, 2014
North Coastal BC
I've got a front caliper hanging up on my RHD 1990 80 series. Wondering what my options are? New ones are kinda out of the question at $800 a piece. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.
Where are you located?

I'd buy some aftermarket calipers, take your old ones off, and rebuild on your own. Then reinstall the OEMs and keep the aftermarkets as spares.

But I think you'll find the job incredibly messy and time consuming...and alot of guys have had success running the aftermarket remans for quite some time.
Not sure how much but check for a napa auto parts near you.

They would be about $50-75 USD....
I replaced mine with reman calipers from Toyota.
Part numbers for them were
not sure which is left or right. These are for the fzj80 calipers so maybe they make them for the smaller brakes if that's what you have. I assume those part numbers would be good in Canada. I payed about $160 for both of them.
A little off topic, but important if you decide on NAPA. I purchased some rebuilt calipers for my Subaru Legacy GT from NAPA in July 2013 ($250 vs $360 from dealer). Last week I returned one because one of the pistons had seized. I was shocked when I was told that there was a lifetime warranty. After coming back with the receipt, I walked out with a new caliper at no cost. I also noticed the new one was completely painted black where the previous ones were unpainted.
Rebuild is easy but messy. You can do it on the truck but I prefer the ease of my bench. I was able to complete all four calipers in a half day, taking my time. It was the first time I attempted any type of brake work.
My $.02 don't waste your time rebuilding them yourself. Some people harp on remans but the truth is your not going to rebuild them better in your garage then the remanufacturer is going to do in there multi million dollar facility. Either order Toyota remans if you can find/afford or get the NAPA eclipse series remans. I have the NAPA ones on all four corners of my 97 and the fronts on the 94, they are kick ass so far. Lots of stopping power.

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