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Oct 12, 2005
Hi All,

I have been reading the threads on lifts & steering, and I would like some opinions on my set-up:

I installed the 4" HFS lift with 1-1/2" extended shackles this weekend, and was very happy with the outcome with the exception of the resulting steering (lots of slop and scary bump-steer). I thought part of the problem might be due the 4 degree shims I installed between the front springs and axle (too much caster?), so I removed them and still have the same issue. Basically, the relay rod rotates rather drastically (and loudly) when working the wheels back and forth. I believe the tie-rod ends are stock, so I am sure there is much slop there, and the relay rod angle now just makes it worse.


Do you guys think new tie-rod ends woule be the best place to start, or should I go with the set-up from 4X4 labs and be done with it, or am I missing something else entirely? I am admittedly not well versed in steering geometry, but I have to think the stock steering set-up can be made to work with my lift.

Kev - 1975 (August) FJ40.
i would try the bell crank, and then have the caster checked you might need biger shims.
If it really is bump steer (turns left when you hit a bump; right when it comes off the bump), then the only solution is to change the drag link angle so that it is parallel to the tie rod. Hi steer arms or a dropped Pitman arm would be reasonable solutions.

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