Steering: Marlink, Slee or OE

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Mar 24, 2013
Santa Monica, CA
I'm knee deep in overhauling my front axle after a near disastrous separation of the steering arm from the knuckle. While I have everything torn down, I noted that one of my TREs is pretty crunchy. With over 200K miles on my '97FZJ, I assume nearly everything is due. I just bought the truck a few months ago, so it's a learning process.

Slee, Marlink or OE? Do I really NEED to upgrade? I will be lifting the truck and already have a set of 35s on 17" forged beadlocks. I'm adding quite a bit of weight to the rolling gear. HD makes sense, but the OEM gear looks pretty damn stout as is. I'm not building a rock crawler, but I do want versatile capability. I'm not hugely concerned about the money -- I just want the best solution.

What do I need to know?


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