Standard size alternative for 24mm socket for transfer case plugs?

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Jul 27, 2016
I recall people recommending a slightly smaller standard (non-metric) socket size for dealing with stubborn transfer case plugs, which are 24mm (metric). I have searched high and low for the last half hour on MUD and cannot find the recommendation I am vaguely remembering.

Any help is appreciated.
24mm is 0.944882 inches

Use the chart below. Next size down is a 15/16" socket.

My BJ40 came with 14 or 17mm raised head (cant remember) plugs on the TC and diff. Maybe it was a non US thing. I replaced the diffs with the new Allen head style. I don’t know if TC can be swapped to the same.
Replaced all 8 fill and drain plugs with the same 10mm allen key type.
Are you using a hex socket 24mm? Or a multipoint socket? These are prone to slipping and causing problems
Thanks for the replies. I thought it might be 15/16" but wanted to double check. I plan on using a 6pt 15/16" socket.
Use a 6-point 15/16 socket, and grind off the first 1/16th or so of the socket to eliminate the tapered face. Makes taking them out without stripping 10x easier.

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