Spontaneous wheeling on sunday with West Coast Jeeps

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Mar 30, 2013
Victoria, BC
Anyone wanna come?

Quote directly from facebook
"Planning a run for Sunday around Skutz falls then connect over to San quan main and over to maid lake maybe port renfrew for lunch. Might just stay around Skutz and backside of shawnigan decent tires and some lift required 4 door jk friendly. Trail skins could be useful but no overgrown trails. Meeting time will be 830 to 9 am in Duncan place Tim Hortons on trunk road in the Duncan mall below lordco. Stock vehicles with stock tires may have issues unless it's a rubicon. Bring lunch I'd like to keep it to a smaller group if possible leaving at 9 am WILL NOT BE WAITING. cb Ch4, vhf Ladd 1 (154.1 Mhz) if you have a radio. There will be a fire for cooking hot dogs or ???? For lunchtime."
It's a Jeep thing and i wouldn't understand.
Besides what fun would it be pushing, tugging and winching Jeeps all day long.
At the campfire we would be swilling cheap beer and honking down burnt dogs while the Jeep owners would be sipping starbucks and nibbling on vegitarian/gluten free wraps. I think i will stay home and weld a wheelie bar on the back of my ride on lawn mower.
Just missed an outing at Arrowsmith, glad I did it was 14 rigs from built 4 link atlas and 43 inch sticky tires to you name it...took hourse to move a few KM..

As they say on the dragons den....I AM OUT...
Whats a Jeep? :slap:

Gotta admit; those guys sound organized though.
Whats a Jeep? :slap:

Gotta admit; those guys sound organized though.

I think we'd be more organized too if a quarter of the island owned brand new locked and lifted landcruisers....the net is tossed far and wide....
WHAT!! 28 yrs is new! I mean, if it was a girlfriend it would be new....:p
Lots of the parts are new.
Might end up going, depends if i can wake up early enough tomorrow lol
Now this was a fun day. These jeep guys really know how to wheel!
This was our route, through some logging cuts, and some amazingly fun trails that rode like a super slow rollercoaster with lots of flex and articulation.
Exhaust fell off when going over some technical rollers though, getting fixed today. (Spent the whole day with basically open headers underneath my seat)
Here's the route we took, more photos to come when the film develops.

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425320581.009153.jpg

Going through some mud

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425320611.157872.jpg

And I guess the way around the gate at shawnigan is now viable, seeing as we came out that way
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1425320699.528065.jpg
Right on! Sounds and looks like lots of fun. Love the exhaust on the roof, haha. Looking forward to more pictures so I can do some more web wheelin'. :hillbilly:
Some videos from the day too

I've never had a chance to wheel that side of Duncan. Looks like a lot of fun. good on you
for getting out to find something new for us. J
I thought that was some type of new air cleaner system, cool beans on the trek... any other more technical sections other than the watering holes?

oops, forgot to add the photos from the trip










Interesting to see who had sway bar disconnects and who didn't

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