Spare Tire Carrier differences

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Jan 20, 2012
Sorry if this has been covered, but I searched with no luck.

There is an extra vertical bar close to the hinges on the blue one vs. the red one. Does anyone know which year models would have come with each carrier? I'm working on a 1980 FJ40 and was planning on using one similar to the red one, however it is bent. Now planning to use the blue one. They appear to be interchangeable based on the hinges.

Spare tire carrier 1.jpg
Spare tire carrier 2.jpg
Didn't even notice that. That is just a pic I found on internet - mainly to show the diff in the vertical bar. I see your point. I'll test fit the blue one soon. Assuming I could use either one - with or without the extra vertical bar, I'd prefer to use the correct one for my build date - Dec 1979. I just don't know which is the correct one.
The blue one came from an 82 FJ40. It is definitely different than the correct one for my 77 FJ40, the hinges mount in different locations. Gary S
Looks like the change was 5/80. Searching SOR's site pretty sure the longer upper hinge was the later style. Prior to that it only showed one hinge, so early top and bottom hinge was the same. My 79 doesn't have the extra, I also have four of these out of town by don't remember any having the extra bar so probably all are prior to 5/80.

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