Source for tow bar?

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Jan 3, 2003
Does anyone have a source for the tow bar, that bolts underneath the rear bumper on the FZJ80? It has a square reciever hitch connection. Am in the market to put one back on my truck, after selling mine ten years ago.
Brand new or used?
New: A 97 FZJ80 shows up in their system. I purchased from them before and have been pleased.
Used: Not sure
thanks they have a new one for $200. at least I know where to look.

was looking for used price also, but will take new if I have to have it. (just not yet)
Try the parting out section or classifieds. If you where nearby I would give you a great deal on mine since I just replaced mine with a 4x4 labs bumper.
jensen where are you at? there is one in the back yard I'll give you a good deal on if your close to NC

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