Sound During Hard Turn - Differential?

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Aug 28, 2018
San Diego CA
Hey all! I'm nearing an acquisition of my first 200 after lurking here for a long time. A local dealer let me hang onto a 2015 LX for a couple-day test drive. I was just about sold until last night when I was leaving a fairly tight parking garage. With the wheel turned full-right, heading down the ramp from one level to the next, I heard what sounded like a shudder or skidding sound from under the car. It happened at each time I turned hard to go down one of the ramps.

A buddy with me suggested it was the differential. Any other thoughts on what this could be? Is this normal with a full-time 4WD?

Was it turned against the wheel stops? If so and the suspension cycles, its metal against metal. This is normal. Try doing a u-turn on a flat surface and see if it does the same thing.
Yeah, it was turned full-stop and the suspension was definitely doing a little flex. The front passenger was dropping down the ramp while the others were all on flat ground.

Maybe you have the turn assisted turned on? Little button showing wheels turned position. It will lock up the inside rear wheel on tight turns.
#1 in the below diagram
If so that is normal and turn it off and it will not happen. It enables tighter turns.

turn assist.jpg
I was exiting a parking garage on Wednesday, and LC was doing something similar to what you’re describing. I assessed it to be a combination of scrub radius and articulation. Once I was out of the garage and on wet pavement, I could not replicate the sound.
He's just picking on me .. I didn't realize that option is only available in 4-Low .... Makes me wonder why only in 4-low.

Is there a mod to turn it on in 4-High? It's the same as using tractor brakes for turning. an option on most off road buggies.

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