Sometimes when my car is warm my car will not start.

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Mar 10, 2010
OK the saga continues, first it was my A/C fan blower going out now its the car being unreliable and wont start after its been on or driven for 15 minutes in hot weather. In the morning I can start the car 100% of the time normally. After ive driven the car and try to start it back up everything turns on but the engine. Its making the sound my 800 year old 1980 honda civic did when it would get gas to the engine and you would fix this by pumping the gas pedal. The car was shipped in a container for 45 days with the battery unplugged. My mechanic has checked most problematic areas (fuel pump, lines, fuses and fault codes) and suspects the immobilizer is working improperly because the car was without battery for so long. Looking for a little help from you guys and most of the time you guys know before my toyotechs do.

Cheers! and thanks for your time.
With our modern high performance cars, mid-engine type designs, the engines get VERY hot after high speed runs when the engine gets shut off (no more fans blowing or coolant being circulated)... Often we get a vapor lock type reaction from the fuel vaporizing from being in the bottled up engine compartment (won't start normally)... The fuel vapor canisters can get loaded up... Try undoing your fuel cap (see if you get a hiss) and/or popping your hood to vent the heat build up... However, this is a land cruiser and this really shouldn't be and issue since the big V-8 and cooling system are probably not that hot... I don't know why the engine would sound so bad after the second HOT restart...
Can you get a video? It could be a bad relay or loose connection that loses contact when heated up.

If the starter keeps running and the RPM needle jumps up and down then it could be fuel delivery related, maybe the fuel level sender.

We're any faults codes stored? Try disconnecting the ground connectionsource and cleaning them up
The sound is not bad. Its just sounds like the crank is running without ever turning on. The battery is new, we've tried disconnecting the battery and cleaning and starting the car while being "jumper cabled" No fault codes.
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I would clean the throttle body and then disconnect the battery one more time. When you disconnect the battery after the throttle body has some build up, it loses its "memory" and can cause startup/idle issues until the ecu/tps relearns.
Thnsk for the help. I cleand the throttle body and disconnected the battery still no love. I have noticed that with me in the vehicle witht the key the security light led blinks red. Would this have something do with it?

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