For Sale SoCal-double cardan driveshaft

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Apr 14, 2004
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Low mileag, mini truck, vintage unknown. I bought it about 28 years ago, from a guy who was selling me a minitruck front axle I needed for a disc brake conversion. I can get flange measurements for the ‘fixed’ end. The short slipyoke end should be interchangeable with any of the LC slipyokes.

$150 plus the ride.


Thanks to @peesalot for reminding me I had this!😛
If that CV end will fit a 1970 e-brake drum I'll take it. Could you shoot a pic of that cv maxed out next to a stock flange maxed out, just for kicks.
1. All the CVs I’ve run or installed use the 74-80 drum, with the larger bolt pattern and 11mm bolts. This driveshaft has the same for the TC end. Pinion end appears to be the pre-69 8mm bolt variety.

That said, I’ve heard lots of folks ‘clock’ the flange 45 degrees and drill holes in the drum to reuse the older drums.

2. Even without a pic I can guarantee you that the CV will not flex as far over as a 3 speed driveshaft/u-joint. If you’ve been in this sport for any length of time (and I know you have) then you will remember that Mark W made mention of this many years ago. I took his advice and put relief cuts in my flanges to improve those angles even more. Way more than you could ever get out of a TOYOTA CV.😉
I can MUDship this as far north as San Jose on the 18th if that helps.
Up. Can bring to Bakersfield on the 23rd.
Hello Mark , Almost 15 years ago at S&T ??? How long is that slip joint ?
Hello Mark , Almost 15 years ago at S&T ??? How long is that slip joint ?
I can’t measure it until Monday. Hopefully I remember.

If you need one with a longer slipyoke I think I have one of those as well.

It’s on the right side of this pic I took for a.carolinafzj80 but forgot to post.

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