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Jan 13, 2007
Fraser Valley, British Columbia
This found its way into my inbox. Looking for a career change?

Rust Valley Restorers is shot in Salmon Arm, shop owner, is the cliff scaler from HTH with the long dreadlocks.

"Hi there -- I saw your event listed on Harrison's Auto Event List and I wanted to reach out.

My name is René and I'm working with the TV producers behind Rust Valley Restorers on History Channel and Netflix.

We're casting a new documentary series for a major broadcaster all about auto collectibles and memorabilia -- everything from old highway signs to vintage gas pumps to toys to rare parts and classic cars.

Right now, we're looking to fill two roles on the show:

1) We're looking for 2-3 PICKERS to star in the series. Ideally, these are folks with big personalities who have a passion for auto memorabilia even if they don't have a collection of their own.

2) We're also looking for all kinds of collectors, dealers, and fans to feature their collections and/or events in individual episodes.

If you're interested in our show, know anyone else who might be interested, or if you have a mailing list, we'd love your help to get the word out.

Here's a link to our casting application: CAR/BIKE COLLECTIBLES - TV Documentary

Please feel free to write me back if you have any questions or want to hear more. I'm happy to send more details or hop on the phone to chat.

Thanks in advance.



René Brar
Head of Development
Big Time Decent Productions Inc.
604-347-9277 | href="Welcome to Big Time Decent">
3975 Kitchener St
Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C 3L9"

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