so i pulled the head off today

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Nov 11, 2007
Yelm, WA
I finally got the time to do some work today. My 73 FJ40 (daily driver) had some "issues" lately (oil in the air filter, hard starting) I thought karma was on my side when at the parts store to get a new coil, the guy behind the counter said he would sell me some cruizer parts for cheap. I ended up with a new dizzy, coil, alt, starter, carb, and fuel pump for $60. I finally was "the guy who was in the right place at the right time". Karma kicked my ass. Driving to work my cruizer last power and when i got home i pulled the plugs to look and #2 looked impacted.

I had been getting oil in the air filter and doing my research i thought it might be the pcv valvle or head gasket over pressurizing the crankcase. In addition there was alot of condensation it the oil filler cap. I figured to pull the head, check it out, replace the head gasket and then put the new parts to work. Boy was i wrong. Number 2 piston 1/4" piece missing and directly across it looks bent up. Number 3 missing 1/4" piece and number 4 bent up directly across from the spark plug.

Maybe karma is punishing my for making fun of jeeps but what gives? So know i am screwed. Did i metion i have foot surgurey on thursday, thats why i was trying to get everything done. Any sugesstion? Anyone have a running F in SoCal?
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You can get some used pistons and have the cylinders honed if they arent too bad and replace with proper fitting rings. If the cylinders dont have any gouges or anything your fingernail cant feel you may be ok with a new set of stock rings. I'm sure your valves look just like the tops of the pistons. Install new seals since you have the head off. If you're feeling frisky, get the head decked for better compression and have it magnafluxed.
Thanks for the reply, it helped. I am trying to figure out my options. THe previous owner rebuilt it engine and when i bought it he said it had around 500 miles on it. I have put 5,000 since owning and the cylinders look it good shape. As far as the valves the are not beat up, they just have some carbon on them. What is killing me is the chips and the bent areas. Anyone have any ideas?
There was probably some debris that had fallen in there during the rebuild and was eventually ejected through the exhaust valve.

All of the carbon build up there can be due to any number of variables from this "rebuild". Once you replace the pistons and install new rings, your blowby and all the other mess in those pics should go away.

Are you on good terms with the PO? Either way, he's on the fast track to a throat punch.
The number 2 piston did look like it had something in there but the bent up ends are what gets me. Possibly he put them in there like that and then yes a throat punch would be in order. Anyone know where i can pick up 3 used pistons? Another option is a used 72 F complete for $800. Not sure about it because it is out of the truck and i could be buying a POS.:bang:
Another option is a used 72 F complete for $800. Not sure about it because it is out of the truck and i could be buying a POS.:bang:

If you are talking about the one in poway, I would get some compression numbers from the guy, which shouldnt be too much trouble, really, since he looked to be an automechanic by trade. other than that, I dont have any help for you... oh, an offer more like $300-400

Another option is a used 72 F complete for $800. Not sure about it because it is out of the truck and i could be buying a POS.:bang:

that is a ridiculous price for a F motor..
I agree $800 is way to much for a 72 F, just looking for options
I found a 74 F up north in central CA for $60. I figure i could replace the 3 bad pistons with the parts motor and then eventually rebuild and have a spare. Just pissed that my cruizer is grounded and i have to drive the mini van.
yeah, why not grab a few of those pistons and change 'em out yourself? Sounds pretty good. I'm in the Marina area, let me know if I can help out at some point. Not sure how far you are from me.
Thanks, thats what i was looking for but couldnt find them outside of a set. I will let you know how it goes
I've got a couple milkcrates full of old pistons, I'll send you 3...
They are selling them separately as well. Look again.

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