Sniper fuel pump power question

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Jun 30, 2015
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
I’ve got my sniper set up to test run thanks to steamer for diagram help. Built a key box to run switched 12v power to HEI coil and also pink wire for sniper to trigger 12V power. Main + and - wires to sniper are hooked up to battery . WHen i switch to key “on”, the sniper screen turns on and if i tap the key to ”start” it will turn over. But the fuel pump is not turning on. I tested the pump and it works from 12V power, but with key in “on” position the power to the fuel pump is not there. This is my first time using a sniper. Is there a reason it is not triggering fuel pump power at the relay when the 12V power is “on” through the pink wire that powers up the system? Advice appreciated.
What you wire the pink wire to? does it supply power to the Sniper while cranking?
Pink wire is switched 12v to sniper. The main power supply is separate + and - To sniper.

Lets try again.

does it supply +12V to the Sniper while cranking? Yes or no
Not yet. Clearly I need to do that . Will do it after work. I just figured the fuel pump would automatically turn on and wanted to ask before I went further

Yeah, that's your issue

Make sure to watch for RPM signal when cranking when you are actually ready to start the engine.

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