SM465 top plate install

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May 22, 2005
Spokane, WA
Hey guys, is there any special trick to getting the top plate back on this transmission? It's in the vehicle. Maybe I'm just not getting things lined up right. Thanks
The shifter should be between neutral and reverse gear, then wiggle it in place.
The position of the shift forks has to match the position of the gears. This is easiest to do in neutral.
In order to remove the shift cover, you have to have the shifter cane partially engaging reverse. So in order to install it, it would be the same.....
If the reverse gear (low in the case on its own shaft) slid once the cover was off, you may have to move it by hand. You want it to have about 1/2 tooth engagement with the reverse-driven gear on the mainshaft which will allow the right amount of space for the shift fork. It can be a booger, but when you have done it as many times as I had to.... :bang:

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