Sludge in the filter canister housing

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Oct 21, 2015
I just rolled over 30K miles, and since SE Toyota takes care of the first two changes for free, I did my first oil/filter change in the LC.

After pulling out the internal parts from the canister, I noticed some sludge in the bottom of the OEM canister. Not a lot, probably around 1/8", but definitely sludge type stuff, not just some residual oil.

On a Prius we used to have I never saw the sludge in the bottom when changing the filter (or maybe I just wasn't as attentive to the Prius).

So my question is:

a) is this normal for 200, or

b) is this an indication the dealer's oil change tech never changed the filter and/or cleaned the canister?

BTW, finally got to install the Jowett housing I've had around waiting for this day, and an EZ valve on the pan -- next time will be a lot easier & cleaner.
I purchased my 200 with 75K on the odometer and now have 115K. I haven't seen any sludge in my cannister at all.
I did find sludge in my transmission pan after nearly 100K miles...
Zero sludge here with 135k on it. Double check under your oil filler cap. If it’s coolant or water you’ll usually see a light colored gel collecting in this area.
Blow by issue ? Never seen sludge in my 200 with just over 100,000 miles
I have changed the oil in my 2013 every 5,000 miles (starting at 50K, with my last change at 115k) and never seen sludge in the oil filter housing. I would not consider this normal for a 200.
Thanks folks.

No sign of coolant leaks, blocked PCV, etc. The exterior of the filter plastic looked pristine, and I have a hard time imagining an oil tech keeping it looking so good.

My guess is this is the first time the filter has ever been changed. Wished I would have kept some of the sludge to take a better look, but trash has come and gone. My current guess for the sludge is some old oil combined with the small amounts of stuff that floats through on a new engine. Hopefully this doesn't signal some future problem. Looks like getting an oil report would be handy for the next change.
Yes. Used oil analysis at 5k (or maybe 2.5 if you are really nervous about it) should give you some data that all is well. Which is what I’m betting.
If you need to pull oil samples get a fumoto or ez oil drain. You can just tap off a small amount and not have to change all 7 qts. $25
If you need to pull oil samples get a fumoto or ez oil drain. You can just tap off a small amount and not have to change all 7 qts. $25

When I did the change today I put in the Jowett billet filter canister (with an EZ-103) as well as putting in another EZ-103 to replace the oil pan drain plug.
Speaking of EZ drain valves... The EZ folks have changed the plug that fits into the output end (there to protect the threads). The old version was plastic, the new is machined aluminum (for $1.50 each). Up to those with the old version if you want to upgrade to the new cap.

see/order here (I'm not affiliated, just offering info): EZ Cap - (SMALL DC-001)

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