Slee Slider fit question

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May 24, 2016
Lake Orion MI

I have a 1996 LC and I was looking to get a set of these Sliders from Slee Off Road:

Slee - Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Rock SliderSteps - Details

I have removed the factory exhaust in favor of the Magnaflow down pipes and the Magnaflow 23120 Catalytic converter. In talking with Slee, they are saying that their sliders are designed to work with the factory exhaust and they don't know if the sliders would install correctly with the exhaust setup I have since the cats might not be in the exact location as the factory cats would.

I'm thinking that since Magnaflow is saying theirs is a direct fit replacement it should work but does anybody have these sliders with the magnaflow exahust? I'm from Michigan and really don't want to spend a grand plus shipping on something that doesn't fit.

Also, I am open to other slider options if there is a know slider that will work with my exhaust setup.

Thanks in advance!
Magnaflow cat placement is very very close to stock. The main difference is that the rear cat is rotated so it doesn't hang down as far.


Looking at this picture, the flange that the slider arm goes under is in the exact same location. Rotated second cat should not be an issue. However, the mangaflow heat shields do stick out more at the corners. You may need to trim a corner off of your cat heat shields. I did this anyway, just to make access to the bolts easier.
Installed the Slee Step Sliders and the Magnaflow Cats and Y Pipe on my 1995. Everything fits just fine.

Thought about going with a more rock crawling oriented slider, but glad on a daily basis we have the steps to get in and out of the cruiser -- 2.5" OME and 33s. Love them. Rugged, easy to install, provide great protection.

No harder than I plan to wheel the truck, i.e. NOT major rock crawling but likely SOME of the trails at Moab, I'm confident the Step Sliders will be more than adequate.
I do not have the sliders, I'm just comparing the magnaflow cats to stock. That picture is from the slee site just for reference.
I have those steps and I had to remove material. sometime in the life of my 80 the PO had new cats put in so they rubbed..
I have those steps and I had to remove material. sometime in the life of my 80 the PO had new cats put in so they rubbed..

+1 - swapped my Slee steps onto the 450 to keep the HQ sliders, had to kiss the arm running between the 2 cats bolt flange since I had a offset Magnaflow in it.
I have them. They are great. 100% happy with them. My cats do rattle against them constantly and if that would annoy you i'd go different direction.
I've White Knuckle sliders and the magnaflow y pipe and cats. Got sliders with 15 degree angle instead of the standard 30 degree. Closer to a step that way, no extra charge. Fits just right with no interference.

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