Slee Gen 1 Front Control Arm Caster Correction

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Aug 10, 2005
Anyone know how much caster correction the Slee Gen 1 arms provide? Here is my problem: I have OME heavies all around (1" spacer up front). I have measurements of 22 3/4" from flare to hub center up front and 23" in the rear. If this even matters. I am getting ready to add 315's and drop my bumpstops 2". While doing this I thought i might try to tweak the caster. My current readings are .3 and .7 with the OME bushings in the stock control arms. I have a set of Slee Gen 1 arms in the garage. If I install these, will I then have too much caster correction? I remember reading a thread somewhere (that I now cannot find with about an hour of searching) that gave all the rough caster corrections for each of the available options out there.

What are your thoughts?


Won't work,, the 1st gen slee arms will only correct 850J's up front and 863's in rear. Also, you must have an ARB up front with warn M12000 winch, home made sliders and a iron pig rear bumper. Sence it will only work with this precise setup, I who happen to somehow have this setup, would be willing to take them off your hands, or....

X2 on calling slee
Thanks for the replies. I will try to call Christo next week. Is it safe to say that Slee gen 1 arms have about 10 degrees of caster correction?

So last Saturday I had an unexpected spare hour at home. I decided to throw the arms on the crusier to see what would happen. Front getting out the tools to putting them up, I spent about 55 mins on the swap. It was pretty easy and I was happy. Once I had the OEM arms off, I laid one onto of the slee arm to notice that the Slee arm was about 1'' longer than the stock arm. I didn't think much of it and went ahead and put the slee arms on.

One the test drive two things were very obvious:
1. The steering was heavier, but much more comfortable and with a little too much caster, I was happy.

2. The front driveshaft was not happy at its new angle. I had a drive line grind/vibe everytime I would let off the accelerator. I would also notice the same noise/vibe at some points while giving or keeping throttle.

Move ahead to tonight where I decided to swap the stock arms back on and wait for time to get a 2001 Tacoma drive shaft to fab up a DC shaft for these arms. Luckily my caster is not aweful with the stock arms (.3 and .7). I can live with it until the next phase of the build.

Well tonight was a PITA! That one inch that the axle had moved forward for the slee arms was a B!T%# to get back and line up the stock arms. After about two and a half hours, I finally cleaned up my tools and took a shower. I had to get creative with jack stands, floor jack, and 3 different punches. I finally got it buttoned back up and now I am back to square one. At least I know that I will like the caster with these arms installed. I just need to plan to have the drive shaft before installing these arms next time.

Next week brings new tires, bump stop drop block install and maybe rear brake pads if I have time. Then I will also need to find time for the extended brake lines that CDan has on a truck coming to see me. This journey never ends.

I had thought that the gen 1 arms gave the same as the gen 2 they just weren't as beefy... :confused:
Sounds like fun Smitty! What tires are you going with? I've been debating going to 35's on mine, but don't want to re-gear. Are you planning on more lift to go with extra castor?
BTW: I found a old flash drive of yours a couple of days ago when I pulled the interior apart. It has a bunch of Restaurant stuff on it. IF you want it, send me a PM.

I think you should dump the 315's here in the OC and forget the idea. :flipoff2:

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