slee 4" or 6"

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Jun 4, 2007
hey guys looking at getting a slee "bolt on" 4 inch lift, but would like to see some profile pics of the guys here with this lift on 35 inch tires, and yes the faq is a great tool but i've found everyone has modified their lift in spacers etc...., i am also looking at maybe getting the 6'' bolt in like 619toy, but would like to see a same style pic with a slee bolt in 4'' with 35's ur rig a dd, how does it handle, highway drive cmmouting etc, as my rig will be a dd, thanks


Im stuck on this one myself...Cant wait to see what people put up. I dont want to hijack, but does anyone have a 4 inch with tires SMALLER than 35?
you wont want anything smaller than 315's on a 4" lift. it'll look too dinky. imo, if youre wanting to only run 33's, go with the ome 2.5" lift. you'll most probably get a bit more than that if you go with the heavies. i run both 285 dueler AT's on the street, as well as a set of 315 MT's for the trail.

mat, you're welcome to come check out my 80 if you wish. doesnt have the 4 or 6..only the ome heavies + front spacer. 285's just fill it nicely, but 315's do a better job. whats your commute? if its anything near any of the 3 bridges, you wont want a big 4~6" 80 riding on 35's as your DD. unless you're regeared, it'll be too much of a dog. stop and go traffic in this city is brutal. and being undergeared in a big ass truck definitely makes it worse. fwiw, my commute is from fleetwood to abby, so mostly hwy. i just put the 285 AT's back on and immediately noticed the difference. the heavies are a nice ride..definitely abit on the firmer side, but i like it. its got a mix match of dampers right now...but i dont notice any difference. havent really taken it off road to really flex it out yet, but it handled harrison east very well towing a tent trailer on street pressure.

i came from a smaller 3rd gen 4runner, lifted on 315's, but it was geared to 4.88's so that helped. but the novelty did wear off when i realized how much streeting a big ass tire eats them up (and i was selectable locked front/rear as well), not to mention the bits needed to move & steer them.

anyway, enough babbling. let me know if you want to have a look. and since you were asking about pics, heres mine with the 315s on it & heavy + front spacer combo.
double down, would really like to take up ur offer to look at ur rig if u wouldn't mind, i'm in delta
Don't do the 6" lift unless you are planning on 37"+. There is no reason for it, and it will make your tires look smaller. 619TOY has a lot of weight - that is more the look of the 4" kit in the pic you posted.

The 6" kit really needs a different shock as well at it's full height - or at least spacing down of the shocks to balance the travel. OME L's are designed for a lift 2-3" less than a 6" lift.

What are you planning to do with it? If in fact you need 6" of lift because you are going to be tackling really big rock gardens, then I can tell you 35's aren't big enough, and you are in a whole different game than '4" vs. 6" lift'.

If you aren't going to be doing hardcore crawling, the 4" is a no-brainer on 35's. But as posted, you may find you want to regear, although it's not a critical day 1 kind of thing. I ran 35's on stock gears for almost 2 years at high elevation (I live @ 7,400 ft.) and while not great, it's certainly livable with OD off and PWR on.
I personally don't see any value in the 6" kit over the 4" kit. Same shocks so same limitations there. The 6" seems to require rear upper adjustable arms which when adjusted causes rubbing issues on 315s let alone 37s. The 4" kit doesn't need them so 1 up for the 4" kit. Because of the front control arms, the cost is quite a bit more.

I have his 4" springs and a few other bits but not the kit and think it's the ideal lift for an 80.
This question is dependent on how your truck is setup and the clearance you need. My friend has Slee 6 coils and it looks perfect w/ 35's. Very similar to my Slee5" lift. He also runs 33 AT's and it doesn't look bad at all. Importantly, he feels they perform better.

I realize this is a terrible pic for comparison but...
double down, would really like to take up ur offer to look at ur rig if u wouldn't mind, i'm in delta

for sure. free times kinda tight currently. wifey is ready to pop out our 3rd any day now. but i'll be around sunday and after work during the week. pm me if ya want to hook up.

oh...and taking off the running boads gives the illusion that its alot higher than it really is ;)
Here is a shot of 35 mtr's on what im 99% positive was a 4'' lift on the right and a OME J lift f/r on 285s

and then a year later the same truck on 37's w/ full slee heavy 4'' lift and appropriate bumpstops after going 6'' and coming back down!

then here is a shot of landtanks full 4'' and my hybrid 4'' front and J rear. (two moonglows, mines in front)
my rig will be used for some mild wheeling and back country roads with camping in mind, i want to run 35's, and slee shortbus with synthetic winch, i got on oz subtank system to be installed and i'd like to put a rear tire carrier on,.....oh and i bought a roof tent, so what u guys think, is 4'' plenty? with weight in mind?

obviously tent wont be on 24/7/365 but i dont want a saggy look....with weight put on it, so what u guys think

also might put on some slider steps, mmmmmm....unsure
I think w/ the 4'' heavy you will be fine. When christo says heavy he means heavy>>the above truck w/ 4'' heavy and 37's is a heavy biatch and performed great on that setup. Toxic waste barrel lining to accompany full set of spares, tools, full drawers, on board mobile command center :D dont make for no featherweight. Granted im running light other than armor, but if i did the adj panhards i feel confident i could eliminate all my rubbing (only inside wheel well anyways) on the 4/j kit but w/ drawers soon to come i may end up w/ the 4 rears too.

edit: if your load is not there all the time then the heavys will be ROUGH(of course you got extra fuel capacity too). You might consider reg. 4'' and airbags just for when loaded?

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