Short vs long water pump compatibility?

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Dec 9, 2011
Denver, CO
I searched around a good bit and couldn't find specifics on this. I have a 67 FJ40 and am replacing the water pump. When I pulled it off to compare with the replacement, I found the replacement's shaft is an inch or two longer (I have found info discussing how newer ones are a bit longer).

So what are my options? I believe SOR has a kit for pre-68s but it's rather pricey. On other threads people seem to be using newer pumps on old LC's, so I'm wondering what they had to do to get the belt aligned properly? Seems possible to make a pulley adapter that would get it aligned, but do those exist?

Also, if anyone wants to buy the replacement pump I ordered PM me.

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Adding some photos

So, I've compared them a bit more and the length actually isn't super different, but the inlet is oriented a bit differently...

From my searching I've just been able to find this (rather pricey) kit:
Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Search by pagetitle2

Is there a cheaper alternative someone knows of?
Thanks for the link, but I think they just carry the newer ones that look like the replacement pump I posted the photo of. This one seems to be the one that would fit a 1F engine, but my 1967 seemed to have a different setup than the later 1F models.
Ah yes, that's the one! If shipping were easier I'd definitely be interested. The more I research this thing the more I realize it's just hard to find these days.

Looks like some people have modded the newer ones to match this older setup, which is what I'm now leaning towards, here's another thread (already closed).

I just did a closer comparison on the original vs replacement, and here's what I'm seeing:
1) The shaft length is just under 1/2 inch longer on the replacement (so I'm concerned the pulley would cause issues putting the belt out of alignment)
2) All the bolts match up, but the water inlet hole on the backplate doesn't match up exactly (maybe just switch out the backplates?)

By the way, I'm very new to all this so pretty much have no clue what works and what doesn't.
I just had a look in the parts book and your old water pump went up to engine no 243297. then the new one fits. The plate on the back of both pumps is the same PN. so it will bolt on and work. The bottom pully[harmonic ballincer] is the same. The top pully that goes on the pump is different, so you eather get an old style pump or you find a latter model top pully.
Hope that was good news.
Oh, very interesting... Thanks for the info, I've still been searching around everywhere to try to figure out the best option here :) Will definitely look into the top pulley now.

Here's the theory I came up with yesterday evening, and wondering if anyone can confirm or deny this. If you look at the early-FJ40 "kits" that SOR sells:


and compare with the photos I have above, it appears that the SOR water pump may be a later-model pump similar to my replacement that's been modified - specifically pressing the pulley-harness (no clue what it's actually called?) down 1/2 further on the shaft to get the pulley in alignment with the belt.

Even if that's the case, I'd have to pay a machine shop to do the modifications so probably wouldn't come out ahead...
Also, I'm considering just getting that SOR kit now, but was wondering if anyone can confirm that it would indeed be the correct length for my FJ40. Anyone purchased that and had the older-style pump like I do?
I don't have a good answer for ya but I don't think a good machine shop would charge very much to do that little bit of work...ask around ;)
Check waterpumpwarehouse.

They are GMB, I believe that they are a japanese oem mfg.

Also, for reference, Cool cruisers has decent comparison pics.
Worked for me Stephen, as you saw on my thread, to replace my older style pump. (After I modded for heater outlet)
Do you have access to a press? If the pump vanes haven't touched the housing, put new seals and a bushing in it and slap it back on. The engine manual shows how to rebuild it. Shouldn't take 30 min.

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