Shocking Problem

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Sep 18, 2022
Boston, MA
So yesterday I accidentally "restarted" the FJ when it was already running (it's been a while since I've had a car with a key...). Anywho, as I was doing that, in addition to hearing the awful noise I got a nice shock coming out of the key / steering column. No idea where to start looking for the problem to correct this. Wiring is generally a mess and needs a lot of work, but has anyone had this happen before or have an idea where I should go hunting first? Thx in advance.


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Jun 17, 2005
UpState Ny, Wells Me
Imho one has nothing to do with the other … cloth corduroy seat covers?

30 years DD my 40 never had that happen

You didn’t damage anything too awful that hasn’t most likely been done before in the truck… it happens… don’t make a habit of it :meh:

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