Shifting tough

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Mar 29, 2007
I am having a lot of trouble with shifting. Cannot even get it into reverse without severe grinding and 1-3rd are a bit hard as well with a little grinding. 4th goes in quite easy. Clutch is medium - soft in pressure. Any thoughts. Possible clutch issue or tranny. or just a matter of adjusting

Thanks for any help

Check the tranny lube for metal. Sounds like your main shaft bearings have gone Tango Uniform
Adjust your clutch.

Lengthen the rod at the slave cylinder underneath.

Also check for fluid leakage.
I'm With Colorado

Check the lube in the box for shavings. If you have a magnet run it around in the oil and see what you pick up. Adjusting the clutch might prolong everything a bit but a grenade job far from home might be enevitable if you dont start at the core. Good Luck Greg
Could it posibly be the slave cylinder. I am getting some fluid in the rubber sleve??? It is leaking onto the floor drip by drip but very slowly
if it's leaking then yes, start at the slave. probably a good idea to replace the master at the same time, as they tend to go as a unit
after25 years of cruisers I've only replaced 1 clutch master cyl.
on the other hand I've replaced at least 6 slave cyl.
Change the slave and leave it at that, then bleed the system and it should be good.
if the slave has never been rebuilt you can rebuild it. My experience is that this only is worth doing once, though. If you don't know the history, replace it.
Thanks for all the help. i will replace the slave today and see what happens

Replaced the slave today and everything works great except that the clutch engages after pushing down only 1/2 inch. Do I just need to adjust the rod nut that pushes against the clutch fork?? Can't complain a lot as the shifting is smooth as silk.
Check your FSM. It will tell you the pedal height, after adjusting that, adjust the pedal freeplay to that listed in the FSM. If necessary, you may have to adjust the plunger rod. After that, can check the freeplay in the slave and the fork.
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If you want the the clutch to Disengage lower to the floor, make the rod on the slave cyl shorter

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