selling 25 project

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Mar 27, 2003
United States
Folks, I'm thinking about selling my 25 project. I've been fooling myself for a while that I will actually have time to get it going. Kid #3 is on the way, and it's hard enough just keeping up on regular maintenance with the other rigs.

It's a 1960 hardtop originally registered in 1961. It had a 283 with Bronco rad, sm465, and np205 when I bought it. I sold the 283.

It needs lots of work. What I've done so far:

* replaced rearend with TLC/mini hybrid
* new rear driveshaft with CV joint (205 to mini)
* rear spring over with stock springs (needs shocks & axle wrap bar)
* front axle is from a '72 fj55 converted to discs with mini birfields & knuckles, new fj60 rotors, and v6 mini calipers (rotors need turning due to rust from no use)
* used fj60 brake booster and new v6 mini master cyl
* new brakes lines & hoses
* new tie rod & OME steering damper
* replaced gas tank but kept original fill neck

Original stuff:
* frame, body, front springs, seats, steering box & wheel

I've got other parts for it, including spare SBC stuff.

Let me know if you're interested. I don't know what to ask for it. Maybe it would be better to part it out?

I'm in Boise, ID.

I'll have to say I'm interested, with a few questions...
Last I saw, the the firewall rib by the mcyls was uncut....still?

Were the wheel arches cut? I recall something cut but the body was pretty good, do I remember rightly? edit: found the pic

Were you going to do a 1fzfe swap? Is that motor still around?

Photos if you can to arotorhead at peoplepc dot com
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yes, I have the drivetrain from a '94 fzj80 for a swap, but it's too ambitious for me. The rear springs would have to be moved back or the frame lengthened, etc. I'm keeping the 80 parts for now.

Wheel wells are cut. Firewall rib is intact, but there are cuts down low on the firewall. Dash is cut for a radio. Yes, the PO did some stupid things. IMO this rig is not a candidate for a restoration. My plan was to make it a decent wheeler with Toyota parts.

Forgot to mention the clutch hydraulics are not original.

I'll get some pix to you Phil.

Any comments on whether it would be better to part out? I could sell the body, frame, and springs, and keep the rear (& maybe front) axles. Sell the 465 and 205.


Just my opinion here....

#1 - It's worth more whole. No question about it. Lack of drivetrain is probably a plus, maybe sell the pieces you haven't installed, but leave the 25 as a roller. FJ25 owners are cheap, and there aren't many parts anyone else would be interested in.

#2 - They're not that easy to replace, yours isn't bad. It won't get you much financially, so if it's not costing you, sit on it until you can play with it. Even if it's for many years. Believe me, with the kids, ten years will pass in a heartbeat.

#3 - What's the VIN number? :grinpimp:

#4 - Phil owns too many 25's already. :flipoff2:
VIN is 0-FJ25-21496L

Forgot about the Auburn LSD in the rear.
A few old pix. I'll get new ones tomorrow.




Cruiser_Nerd said:

#4 - Phil owns too many 25's already. :flipoff2:
No doubt! You should have seen the Cruiser Chick's eyes do the narrow-up slitty stare thing...the Great LX450 Peace of 2006 lasted 2 months....

I think you should keep it also, but I understand wanting to simplify, it's been happening to others...I'm in too deep, you still have a chance!

Oh Jim? :flipoff2: Look at you!
I'm going to clean it out this weekend and see where I'm at. Then pix. It's loaded with parts :).
I will send pix, but it's going to take me another week before I get some. By then I'll probably decide to keep it ;).
thx, eric

How much are you trying to get out of it? Please let me know.

I'm being a fickle bitch. I'm thinking about keeping it now after spending some time on it last weekend and talking with the wife. The 4.3 V6 in the classifieds might be a good fit for the rig . . .

I'll get back to you if I decide to sell.
cruiserman said:
I'm thinking about keeping it now after spending some time on it last weekend and talking with the wife. The 4.3 V6 in the classifieds might be a good fit for the rig . . .
:cheers: :cheers:
Eric, that's good and bad news. :frown:

Hopefully you pointed the new owner to this great, helpful, information and opinion packed forum ...................... :grinpimp:

And don't be a stranger even though you don't have a 25. :D
The new owner has been here a few times ;).

I'm still into 25s, so I'll stick around.

I prefer to think of it as short term storage, Eric will come back to his senses. I suspect he has a shrewd but very realistic plan to have me gather all the stuff needed to bring this one back to stock over the next few years. He will then buy it back at 2007 prices and save a boatload on parts and shipping. He is a good actor, don't let him fool you, he even gave a convincing (yet transparent to me) roll of the eyes when I said "I have just the right F135 for this one"!
Phil, I think Eric's 25 was just attempting to catch up to it's original parts..................send it up this way and I'll put a front bumper on it. :D

Eric, I hope you don't expect to buy it back in a few years with any additional work actually done to it. :doh: :flipoff2:

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