For Sale Seattle: (SOLD) 200 Series BP-51 Shocks, OME Springs and Budbuilt Sliders

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Aug 31, 2016
Selling my BP-51 lift kit and Budbuilt Sliders I had installed on my new 200. They have roughly 10K highway miles on them and was only off-roaded once (sad). The 200 will be daily driven by the wife and now I have to look for another ride. The parts are in clean condition and no damage, leaks, scratches or dents on them.

The lift kit was installed and removed by TorFab (Land Cruiser specialized mechanic with stellar reputation). The parts can be picked up directly from their shop. I prefer to sell them locally.

Interested? Send me a message and we can go from there.

Serious buyers only - I can connect with Adam from TorFab directly if you have questions about the parts. Payments can be send via paypal or cash app.

Parts List:

2x BP-51 Front Struts with coil assembly (asking $1000)
2x BP-51 Rear remote reservoir shock (asking $600)
2x OME 2722 Coil Springs (asking $150)
2x SPC Upper Control Arms (asking $300)
2x BudBuilt Steel Beefy Rock Sliders with .120 DOM and Full Fill Dimple Die down and powdered coated black (asking $800)


These are the toughest sliders you can buy to protect your precious 200. Don't mind the dust and dirt on them, the photo below shows them upside down. They are matt black and when washed they will look nice.

This is what the Rock Sliders will look from the top when installed.

This is what I paid for them to have Torfab install the parts when I got them last year.


"The 200 will be daily driven by the wife and now I have to look for another ride..."

😂 Not a married guy on the planet who could read that without a sympathetic chuckle.
Here you go. You will gain between 2-2.5” in lift and you can adjust the dampening and rebound dial on the shock absorbers directly.


How old are the BP-51’s, there was a major revision after they were produced to eliminate a noise in cold wather, this makes a huge difference in cost on the used market. Looks like some nice stuff.
I bought them late Dec thru TorFab who did the professional install on my truck last year and they work just fine.
The lift kit just sold (suspension and UPC).

I still have the sliders if anyone interested.
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New low price of $600. You can take a look at them or pick it up in TorFab the LC restomod ship in Everette,WA

Shipping is roughly $150-200 to mid-west from Everette and will be freight to your location. Send your zip code and I can have the shop quote shipping that for you.
Ladies and gents. Everything has been sold including the sliders. Nice doing business with you all.

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