For Sale [Seattle area] For sale/trade 2008 silver FJC, 124k miles, offroad and towing pkg

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United States
Hello all,

I've decided I'm willing to part with my FJ Cruiser. It's what made me a Cruiserhead; we all have our gateway drug... I now want a 100 series namely for extra room to have a sleeping platform for two.

But if my FJC doesn't sell I'm going to build it out and roll with a roof tent.

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Has a backup camera, which I don't really ever look at, along with bluetooth integration.

The bad:

I occasionally get drive shaft thumping. If you're on IH8MUD and interested in FJCs you probably know about this.
Only have one key.
A lady backed into me and hit my front bumper. It is dented upwards oh so slightly, but unless you're super observant you wouldn't notice it.
Paint imperfections and a minor ding, but it cleans up nice (photos above are without filters)

If you're attentive you'll notice the Missouri plates. I recently relocated up here for my job, photos were taken 2 months ago back in the Show Me State.

Price: $15,000 or comparable trade for a Hundy. As I mentioned above, if it doesn't sell I'm going to build it up myself. So don't think I'm trying to shove a maintenance bomb off to someone else.


Forgot to mention that under my care all fluids were baselined 16k miles ago when I bought it. In addition to that spark plugs were changed

In the last two months a new OEM alternator and serpentine belt was put in.

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