Seat Brackets?

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YOu could take a saturday and rent a welder from Home Depot and teach yourself how to weld. The more practice you get the better. Or you could draw one up taking very persise measurements and have a local welding shop build one for you. IF you are planning on rebuilding anything using metal, you should invest in a welder and the skills that go with it. Good think about metal and welding is that if you screw up you can add metal or take it away. Very diverse material, unlike wood.

Good Luck.
There are several good threads on seats - do a search here and see what turns up. I put Honda seats in my 1972 FJ40 using the stock seat brackets. No welding was required, just strategic drilling and some minor hacksawing.
I just took the bucket seat brackets out of mine and made some new ones and tied them into my roll-cage. You are welcome to my old one for cheap $$.....
PM me and we can talk about it.

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