Scored a couple more 8274

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Jun 26, 2005
City that rhymes with fun
So i picked up this pair of 8274 for a bargin price of $150 i couldnt say no to it. This makes a total of 3 1/2 complete winches and parts. Im becoming a dam hoarder lol. I guess i should start going through them and rebuilding them or selling them i dunno.

Whoa, $150, Cha-Ching!
Still need to spool mine up and connect it.



Found a couple stickers on ebay


Really like the Awl_Teq solenoid cover.
Found a billet clutch knob on ebay, need to hog out the threads so it’ll screw in further.
Yes on my 42 i put a sweet cover mad by a guy in colorado. Kevin didnt have and covers so i went with the 2nd guy.

I really should rebuild at least 1 fully paint and everything. New albrite to replace solenoids etc. I just ordered stickers also for my 42's. It was rebuilt before i got it but never painted etc.

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