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Oct 9, 2006
Dayton, OH
Hello to all you OBDII guys,

I have some Scangauge data I thought I would post up. I have come to realize we like to see the hard numbers.

Saturday I performed some much needed PM on my 97' Cruiser. I flushed and filled the coolant system, then filled with Toyota Red and distilled, OEM main coolant hoses,OEM thermostat, OEM belts, OEM idler pulley, and an oil change. Then on Sunday I left for New Jersey where I will be temporarily working until April. Anyway during the 600 plus mile journey from OH to NJ, I closely monitored my Scangauge's IAT and WT.

So before the Saturday PM project I was consistently getting 190F WT on the interstate and a for the most part around town as well. Sitting idle at a stop light or in a drive through it might creep up to 191 or 193. Also when climbing a grade the temp also may climb a couple of degrees as well. If the ambient air temp is very low then I may see that 190F drop a couple of degrees to 188 or so. But for the most part since I installed the Scangauge I have seen an average of about 190. From what I have seen, that is fairly typical.

Mind you all of these numbers are on coolant that was at least two and a half years old and on an original thermostat and hoses.

Alright so post PM project.

The ambient temps during the my voyage east to Jersey ranged from the mid 30s in the morning and into the high 30s to low 40s. Highway speeds ranged from mid fifties to the upper sixties. The drive was through the southern half of PA and eastern OH. So fairly hilly somewhat mountainous terrain for the region.

That said I was pleasantly surprised by my Scangauge readings. From the early morning when I left Columbus OH, my average WT reading was 186F sometimes dropping to 184F in the mornings and when going down hill and when I was climbing any grades I never broke 190F. At idle sitting in a parking lot after driving some distance it crept up to 193F. Intake air temps while driving at speed ranged from 38F to around 60F, depending on time of day. After four days I am still seeing the same readings. Needless to say I am happy with the four degree temperature drop.

I apologize for the lengthy posting, but just wanted to share this data. I have some other numbers laying around from this past fall when I took a cross country road trip.

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