saturday afternoon ride

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May 15, 2002
Jackson, MS
I'm going to ride around in the Pearl River WMA this afternoon for a few hours.

Meet up at 1:00 at Overlook park in Ridgeland if you want to join.

FYI I'm on crutches so all I plan to do is ride around and look at stuff.

My cell: 601.594.7062

Lots of closed gates in the wma today.


Funny looking rig near the pearl.

Did you find any more open roads when you went back to the north side? I wonder if they were closed because of all of the heavy rains.
Lash and I rode up the trace a few miles. Jg found a turtle shell and went for a hike with Lash where they saw some snakes.

JG and I poked around all they way up toward Carthage and crossed the river at 16 then home on 25. We saw 3 or 4 more locked gates. Not sure what the arrangement with public-private land on the wma.
Sorry for holding you guys up. Enjoyed the ride and hike with JG.
Greg, why the crutches? Are you OK? Did you finally get those nuclear powered prosthetic knees you've been wishing for?
Broken metatarsal and cuneiform.
Broken metatarsal and cuneiform.

I feel your pain. Fractured hamate and metacarpal in my right hand, thanks to a frozen bolt on the 40. No crutches though, so I can still breakdance, just not as good as Bodean.
Lenny is the break dancer in this crowd!
Now you let me know when you go again. :rolleyes:

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