San juan hut to hut system, durango to moab! Just got back!

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Nov 19, 2009
I have looked in to doing this back in 2005. Then my 4 year old had to see the dentist, and the dentist cam, said he was donig the ride. One of there riders had dropped out. Then he said i should come. I really wanted to ,but didn't know him well. So i didn't want to be the slow guy on the trip that they didn't know. Then i got and email from my friend who was friends with my kids dentist. Any ways i went. It was awsome! Do it, go if your thinking about it. We went on september 3nd. Lucky for us we only road 2 days in the rain.(1 day before the bad rain in colorado) 2013. I will add some pictures of the hut's and the ride. We took all of the alternate routes we could, which on day 1 molas pass that really added some climbing . Climbed up to 12,500 feet on our bikes. There is room for 8 riders in the huts ,that are fully stock with food ,and water.
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Some of the trip. The huts on days 1,2,3.

20130904_184109 (1).jpg





more pictures.


So this is 214 miles in 7 days from Durango CO. Moab UT. Mostly service roads and 30% single track trail. I have all the climbing and miles at home. I never really felt like I found a good web page other then the San Juan hut to hut web page. I have loved Moab most of my life, plus the La Sal mountains I think are mostly not seen for there full potential. Loved ever minute! Day 1 was long for our group as we had a rider break a rib. So it took us 8 hours the first day. But the rest of the week went really good. I broke a spoke, and we had 1 flat. The last 2 days were muddy and very wet dew to rain for 10 hours, and being lost for 2 hours. Amazing. It would be really cool to do this on your own with your L.C. have a support vehicle. We pack all of our clothing ,and other day to day stuff in Pack, day packs. I had an extra tire,3 tubs.
Having done the SJH to SHJ from Telluride, Co to Moab, Co., I concur with doing this with a sag support. It is totally doable....
Hell, I'll even say it probably would be better and cheaper.
I never got back at doing the Durango side tho'. HHHMMMMMM
On our last day we rode from Gateway, Co to Moab and rode part of "the whole enchilada".
The reward was pizza and cold beer !!

We too manage to get off course in purpose to find that sweet sing track (which it's not hard to do.)
One of the best experiences I have had riding my MTB.

We got rained out of doing the best part! The Whole Enchilada:crybaby:. Great Picture!
We did the whole enchilada by shuttle from Moab. You pay $10-15 ? per person to one of the bike shops there and they shuttle the whole group to the top. Then you have one of the most epic downhills ever.
This has been on my list too.

Thanks for sharing!

If anything, what did you find the most difficult part of the trip (e.g. a certain section, food, clothes prep, etc.)?
You should do it!

We got a deal on our group I think we got 8 for the price of 6! Watch for deals. This is a picture of the back of the La Sal mountain range, in the backyard of the Last HUT!! Elk all around. I want to do it again!

The hardest part? Knowing what to pack ,and what not to pack.
I broke a spoke ,and didn't bring a cassette puller. I had spoke's but could get my cassette off. That made me wish I would have pack that tool(which I took out last min. because of Lbs. One of the guys saved my ride he had a. available for this variation

Fiberfix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit White / Red One Size Fits All

I worked at a local Shop for 8 years. So I would plan with all the riders on big tools like a cassette puller. The Huts are stocked with some tools and cleaning stuff. A good rain coat, I would have paid big money for a good 350.00 Rain coat in August.
^^^ Where did you get that map from?
One thing I want to do in the near future is to host a trip like this with some riding buddies....
I think it could be easily done, but want to get the logistics right...
Very cool, that ride especially Telluride to Moab has been on my hit list for years!!!!! How many miles was it for you?
Would definately be interested in a trip like that!!!!
+plus I too would go again.^^ We did get a bit lost finding the 1st cabin. One of our group members broke a rib and crashed really hard the 1st day4 miles in to it. So we took a bit longer the 1st day to get to the cabin. We did take the Long way on all the alternate routes.

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