sag easier with a 55 column?

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Apr 13, 2006
Edmonton, AB/Vancouver Island, B.C.
Im planning on doing a sag conversion on my 40 in the near future and i have a 55 column that i can either sell or use in my conversion...i thought it would eliminate alot of the grinding that would be needed to using the DD joint on the stock 40 column and also just be safer all around..with the splined shaft and then no need for the bearing on the fire wall...also, anybody know the spline count on the 55 column?

thanks guys
Hi All:

Honestly, the "pillow block" on the firewall to support the steering column of a 40 Series is not a big deal at all.

The FJ55 steering column is desirable for 60 Series steering conversions on the 40 Series. I'd either consider that route, or sell it.


do you have the 55 slip shaft to go with it, i always wondered if anybody had taken this approach and modified it to attach to the saginaw box ?
shaft [800x600].jpg
The 60 series splines(yoke) fit the 55 stuff also.
pdgbotte: no, i dont have the steering shaft, just the column...if i had the shaft i would try something with it..

the thing is i already have most of my sag and pump so i would like to go this way, other thing is that i will be running a 36"+ tire on the rig...i have a set of 36x16 on 15" rims right now waiting to go on the rig...the 60 stuff just wouldnt take that kinda tire....

so is there any reason that this hasnt been done or just that it fits onto 60 stuff? i mean i should be able to get a steering shaft with whatever spline i need and have that go into the box no?
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