rust coming from inside body sills and enclosed rear wheel arch spaces on 30 yrs old 80 series (1 Viewer)

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
One option (very expensive for my 30 yr old 80 series) is have a body shop investigate and quote on cutting out and replacing all the rusted metal.

Another option is to find a suitable product (or selection of products) that can be used to spray into the inaccessible spaces are treat as much of the existing rust as possible plus act to protect and as much as possible slow down the progression of the rusting.

Lower body sills, and the interior spaces above the rear wheels, are where the problem is and I'm not sure what product(s) will suit. Before I owned the vehicle it was used in saltwater environments but it's been nowhere near beaches or saltwater except by virtue of living near a coastal area in the 12 yrs I've owned it.

I don't think trying to treat the rust and seal it with a hard coating is the correct answer but open to ideas.

Thanks for your input.

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