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Sep 7, 2005
Anyone in central NJ or eastern PA know where I can get a radiator to put in my 94 FZJ 80? Popped a leak and hope to drive home Sunday. :frown:
There are 3 dealers in the US that show a factory radiator on the shelf.

Me (New Mexico), Denver CO and Knoxville TN. A closer-in aftermarket will be the most affordable choice.
Call around - I found one in stock at a local Advance Auto Parts. Was a two row aluminum, which wasn't what I wanted. But if you need it now, it would do it.
Also expand the application to include 93-97 when you ask.
Thanks for the response. Put a bunch of calls out looking but cutting it close for tomorrow. I hate to spend $200 for junk but better than renting a car to get home I guess.
Carquest for $209. Spectra brand. Wish I was putting that toward an OEM unit but that is the cost of a rental car home. UHGE!

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