RTH again. engine rough - engine miss

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Sep 7, 2005
Ran the cruiser this morning with the oil cap off for a bit and now I have a miss. No chk engine light, no codes.

Replaced the radiator yesterday, no problems, ran fine. Today after running to cool the interior before heading out on a 10 hour trip, while inadvertently leaving the oil cap off, then the miss. Pulled the positive cable to reset the computer but still missing. :bang: What vacuum / pressure component is stuck or is it unrelated?
I would try to disconnect the battery for a bit. Maybe the ecm is running in limp...Just a guess and easy to try. But you might be right. Maybe there is a vac component stuck or something. Must have made a mess of your engine huh.
If you swapped radiators, i'd check your cap & rotor, and plug wires at cap, you might have bumped while in the oilcap area. Between yesterday's work & today the oilcap & whatever you did, the ignition is my personal place to look first.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I ended up leaving the cruiser in NJ till I can get down when it is not a holiday weekend.... :bang:

I tried resetting the ECM by disconnecting the battery for a bit, check plug wires, cap and rotor, looked for vacuum leaks, loose wires, cracked intake hose, ect. I am going to bring new wires, cap and, rotor (although the current set all look newer) and a multi meter to test injector function. I plan to read a bunch before heading down. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Try a power balance test to see which cylinder is missing.
Definitely not cylinder number one. Plug wire cap broke after trying pull it off and then it really ran crappy. Seems most troubles are with number six. I didn't see any obvious burning on the ECM connectors. Guess I need to test the injector after a power balance test. I need to figure out what other injector failures, if that's what it is, won't through a code.
Air tube to intake?

Wire loom by the EGR?

Just some ideas for thought.
Air intake looked good after removal and inspection. Will check the wires by egr.
I've had the same problem. One. Are you aware that this engine EATS sparkplugs...like every 5K? That will give you those symptoms. But more to the point. If you just replaced the radiator then I assume you replaced the hose and it didn't quite fit or worse, you used one of those adaptible hoses that bend because they have a wire in them. Go out at night , pop the hood in the dark, and if your cruiser is like mine you'll see a blue glow between the radiator hose and one of the distributor wires cuz the distributor is so close to the radiator hose...at least in my '93 LC. Do not get to mezmorized by that glow I decide to play with it...don't ask me how I know... it's just that there's about 20 mins of my life's memory that's been missing for awhile. Anyway, easily fixed with a chunk of thick cardboard. This did not become apparent until the engine was warmed up and water was flowing thru the tube.
Thanks for the heads up on the hose to wire fireworks. I just dropped in the radiator for a quick repair in the attempt to get home, no hoses replaced. The radiator that I replaced looked like it was only a couple years old; hoses looked good. Plugs will be replaced along with wires, cap and rotor. I have not read about the 1FZFE eating plugs. Hope the 20 minutes you lost was 20 minutes of bad memories and not good ones... :D

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