Events/Trails ROTM: Saturday, February 25th, 2023 - Montana Mountain

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The run is organized and all everyone has to do is show up. I won't be there as I am in Illinois, but the hard part is done. Just need someone to be the lead vehicle. The trail isn't difficult and all of the mapping tools have it well identified. Here is the OnX Offroad link to the route.

Here are the GPX and KML files:

GPX viewer


  • montana-mountain-counter-clockwise.gpx
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  • montana-mountain-counter-clockwise.kml
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Is this run still a go? I am in and may bring along an interloper (non-member) in a 4runner.
I was going to try to make this but it turns out I can't! :(
I'm still in.
Just confirming if this is still a go.
It's still on, I just won't be there to lead. Nobody needs to lead. People should show up and roll. Its an easy trail and a great time. i wish i was there to be the truck in the front of the group, but I can't, so somebody will just just have to suck it up and be the person who doesn't have to eat dust all day.

Have funs folks. Its a great trail and I've done it multiple times by myself even.
Not a great showing today, but we made the most of it. The weather was great, with some faint hints of snow still remaining above 5,000 feet. The snow melt made for a damp trail and water was flowing in all the creeks. We had a few difficult spots going up the narrow shelf road trying to squeeze by two-way traffic. Had the group been larger this would have been a real predicament. The trail has deteriorated since I was there a few years ago. There were a few spots we had to take several attempts to find traction. Thanks @TheGrrrrr for organizing.



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Thats awesome. So glad you guys showed up and rolled with it. Technically, I think you both qualify for a ROTM leader retro patch for making it happen.

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