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May 30, 2009
Gulf Coast
2 of the 4 corner lock downs have broken off recently and I also nearly ripped the main arm on the driver side off. I guess I'm strapping down too tightly.

Anyway, I want to take the OE off and put something on with more meat.

Any suggestions? I like the new FJ rack but have not measured for fit and can't go Safari basket since it woun't fit in the garage.

Also, can the new rack be welded to the top or am I locked in to using the existing screw mounts?

Feb 1, 2007
Lex, NE
I believe the FJ rack won't fit because of the curvature of the roof/roof rack.

I think gutter mounts are the way to go and slee is having a sale with AO gear it isn't a basket so it would be a little better.

There are plenty of different ways to do it.
Apr 3, 2006
Littleton, CO
Depends on how much you want to spend :)

You could go with the rain gutter feet and load bars from someone like Groucho and mount a rack, cargo carrier, or whatever else you want to to it...

Or you could go with something like the Front Runner Rack from Equipt.

As for mounting it the rack...I'm sure you could weld the rack to the roof or use the existing holes by why? Welding a rack directly to the roof sounds pretty out there to me :hillbilly: and using the existing holes doesn't really gain you anything structure wise etc. As mentioned most go with the gutter mount system. If you are really serious about getting rid of the OEM rack then you can do what others have and remove the rack, weld up the holes, apply paint and done.

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