Roof Rack widening

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Jun 8, 2007
I have a 51" wide flat roof rack, I have 65" wide RTT CVT Mt St Helen, an awning, and a kayak.

Was looking at buying 3ea extruded aluminum tubes 1.25" with .25" wall, two 84" tubes and a shorter one, and bolting the tent to it. The shorter one would be the middle support bar and allow the RTT ladder to have clearance. Was looking at the Yakima JayLow kayak mounts to use on the two bars that will be sticking out. The awning will be mounted the passenger side, kayak and rtt ladder will be on the driver side.

Problem is the kayak will need to be removed first before the tent can be used, which isn't that big of a deal? The main issue is how to bolt the extension poles to my current 1.25" tubed flat rack. I have been looking at clamps that wouldn't pinch or damage the tubes and haven't found any to my liking. The extension poles will stay with the RTT and the clamps will be mounted towards the outside of my rack for hand clearance.

Texas has an 8' wide rule, so am still below that.

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