roll bar question

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Looks like a smittybuilt. The straps were for spacers that connected to the tub rail.
I bought a Smittybuilt roll bar back in 74. It has those same piece. The Roll bar included four angle iron pieces that bolt to the those straps and then you drilled holes thru the top section of the tub where it's boxed. Requires long bolts to go thru that section. Once bolted together with the plates under the wheel well it was very stout. I put the vehicle on it's the next year and it held up well. Better than I expect a stock roll would do. But in the early eighties I replaced it with a stock roll bar because I switched to the 74 to 78 style seats front and back. I've kept the wheel on the ground ever since so not sure what it would look like laying it on it's side. I try to learn from my mistakes and on this one so far so good.
Thank you for the info. Was wondering if someone had just tossed a j*** one into the back.
Since y'all did a great job identifying that one.... I've always thought my roll bar looked a little different. And the middle two bars sit higher. Makes the bikini top fit a little weird.

What do I have??

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1420261789.284855.jpg
That's a pretty crappy pic. Looks like a smittybilt. They made them w/a frt hoop & spreaders or like yours. I think someone added the center bars.

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