Riveted Wheel disc conversion

Sep 14, 2021
Charleston, SC
I know this topic has been well discussed, so forgive me if I sound stupid.

Can you do a front disc conversion with riveted wheels? My understanding is the clearance from the calipers don’t work with rivets. Can you get the clearance needed by adding spacers?
Jun 13, 2022
Nashville, Tennessee
Correct... riveted wheels will not work with disc brakes. Welded wheels, different wheels, wheel spacers, or no conversion are your options. New OEM welded wheels are readily available on the interweb, and would be my suggestion. Wheel spacers put more stress on your bearings and are even illegal in some areas.

Edit: I need to make a correction here. I just put a riveted wheel on my '78 FJ40. The original 4 wheels are long gone, but I think this was the spare. It's dated 12/78. It cleared just fine on the front factory disc brakes.
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