REVO 3s?

Jul 29, 2017
Birmingham, AL
So I guess Bridgestone replaced Dueler Revo 2 with Revo 3 earlier this year?

I have had good luck with Duelers on my pickups, getting 75k on at least three sets, so I put some 285/75/16 Revo 2s on my 2002 last year. Good so far.

Now need tires for my 2005, which I am not lifting or building. Looking at Revo 3 275/70/18. The Revo 3s look more aggressive than Revo 2s. Basically same price as KO2s. Anybody have these long enough to review yet? I will be mostly on pavement with this one (for now).



Oct 22, 2006
Holly Springs, NC
I have been considering these tires for my GX, as they are one of the only to come in a C load in 255/75r17 and I want an AT. However, when researching the Revo 3's, I found their load and speed ratings are kinda weak, especially compared to competitors (even compared to SL tires in this size). 111R in this size. The Revo 2's also had pretty low speed/load ratings. While I don't intend to approach or exceed their ratings, makes me wonder about Bridgestone? And @booradley your experience w/ the 2's is good, but surfing the net they seem to be widely panned for not lasting long or doing particularly well...

Guess where I am is - the price premium is hard to accept on these, when other proven tires are readily available at >$40/tire less...


Aug 2, 2006
southern oregon
I ran revo2 for over 100k on my 00 4runner. I personally thought they were a great tire. Never took damage, wore nice, great traction for an AT.
The reality is, P tires are weak, period. There's a reason they are half the price. On a heavy rig or something used to tow or off road you need a rated tire. The weight difference between a C D or E is negligible.

That being said all 3 of the MAIN tire man's (GY, BRIDGE, MICHELIN) are overpriced. I personally think there are tires out there that are just as good and you aren't getting bent over to pay on a "premium" brand. (Cooper)

It is hilarious to me the people fumbling over one another for bfg kos. Jesus christ people they're a Michelin, they wear and fail just like Michelin.

Here's my experience in 4+ years of tire shop. Most manufactures make a couple tires that are actually really good, and they are priced as such and don't sell in high numbers. Everything else is middle of the road for Joe blow to think he's making a choice. Lol
A really good super underrated AT is the Firestone destination. Sold lots and rarely saw failures or flaws. (the Firestone/explorer tire debacle was entirely on Ford for putting wrong tires on their cars).
Firestone makes several nice decent priced tires. And they are built side by side with Bridgestone. ;)
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