Request for AC parts!

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Apr 23, 2010
Kamloops, BC
Hey guys,

Does anyone have any FJ80/FJZ80/general Denso AC compressor parts laying around? I am trying to find the top plate that will fit the Denso 10PA15C / 10PA17C compressors... the top plate needs to have the high/low hoses (or the part that bolts to the top plate, anyway) that are positioned facing left, and the fill plugs that are facing backward (towards the engine). My 1HDT Denso AC compressor almost works but one of the fill plugs faces towards the right, which won't work very well for me. Part # 88371A (and the two hoses) in the attached pic...

I know I have the top plate, and pretty sure I have a cutoff of the hoses that bolt onto the topplate (but will have to check). I redid my hoses to fit the HDT compressor on my diesel swap, what are you up to?
Ooh, that would be very handy Tweeek!

I'm sandwiching a York 210 between my 1hdt and my factory AC. If you look up TheMorb's thread on his York bracket, that's basically what I'm doing. So I'll have belt driven York 210 OBA and still maintain the lovely AC :)

Would you be able to check on your parts, maybe even take a pic or two? If it is what I'm looking for, what would you want for it, shipped to me here in Kamloops? Send me a PM or email if you prefer :)
Well it appears I am only partially helpful. I do have the top plate, though different than the one you posted. It is, however, the same as the one in TheMorbs install though. Comes off a 1997 fzj80 compressor. It would appear that I did not keep the compressor side of the lines during my swap. Though I would imagine these would be fairly easy to find from a part out vehicle. There is one port on the top plate and one on the line itself.

Let me know if thats helpful.


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