replacing the clutch

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Apr 24, 2003
can someone walk me through the assembly and dissassembly proceedure of a clutch swap. assume i can get the gearbox off the bellhousing, so take it from there

unbolt pressure plate from flywheel
unbolt and remove flywheel (have it resurfaced at machine shop)
pull pilot bearing (I use either a slide hammer or I fashion a carriage bolt into a hook and use a socket w/washer and nut to pull it out)
remove rear main seal
replace rear main - tcase input cone is the perfect size for reinstallation (grease ID of seal)
replace pilot
remove clutch fork and have a new throwout bearing pressed on
reinstall flywheel-use thread sealant to prevent engine oil from leaking through
install pressure plate with clutch disk
use clutch alignment tool or sawed off input shaft to align the disk with the pilot bearing I.D.
reinstall transmission

removing the tranny hump is a good idea, especially for a first timer.

any land cruiser manual will have this in it :doh:
make sure that the flywheel is not out of spec for thickness, if it is have it step turned, ot.herwise you will have engagement/disengagement issues, Hotspoting happens when this is not addressed. your machine shop can check all this

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