Replacing Pwr/2nd switch

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Feb 1, 2016
Switch seems to be stuck. I know the cover should pop up but don't want to damage anything. Are there any screws that have to be removed first? If not where are best pry points? 2005 100 series
Brought home this new to us 2005 with 200K on Sunday. Pwr/2nd switch stuck probably due to an accidental coke spill or something.
Day 1.png

Only photo I have today.
Pull the whole panel up—there are two clips in the back (just pull up at the cupholders, I use the cupholder lid/cover), and a couple towards the front. You won't have to remove the whole panel to get enough room to push the switch out from underneath, just lift it a little.
Good deal, I will give this a shot. Just didn't want to be a gorilla yanking at it with screws that had to be removed first.
Well, it was blown badly. Must have shorted with fluids spilled or something. Entire side was melted and the white connector had two wires burnt. Now I am looking for the part. I believe is around $100.00 factory but special order only. Have not chased the wires, but do the wires go to the computer or to the transmission?
One other unusual situation. This truck has stock suspension and tires, but speedometer is off by about 7 mph at 70. And tach is not reading properly.Any ideas? Any possible way this could be related to transmission switch?

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