Replacement birfs?

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Jun 20, 2007
Provo, Utah
I am wondering what birfs I should get while rebuilding my front end. My rig is mostly a daily driver, but I go to Moab at least once a year and play on weekends. I will be running 35s. My birfs are clicking and I would rather just replace them than switch sides. Are Longfields too soft for daily driving? What good option is out there for a new birf that will handle 35s easily?
I went with Longfields and mine mostly gets road miles. My plan is to swap sides and repack every 30K instead of the 60K 'normal'. If I have to replace them at 60K, thats fine with me. Since they're about 1/2 the price of OEM birfields, I figure it winds up being about a wash on the cost side if I can get 1/2 the miles out of them.

i heard it wasn't recommended to use longfields if you use your rig as a DD.
I've got 215k on my original birfs without any issues so far. I do have a brand new OEM on the shelf because the PS one has some grooves worn in it. I don't think you can beat the OEMs provided you take care of them.

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